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It is my pleasure and long over due that I write to you today to express my feelings about PCI. I have been working in IT since 1981 and I can tell you that PCI is the finest company I have ever worked with. I hardly know where to start.

Honesty and integrity are hard to find but, everyone at PCI is overflowing with it. From your honesty as a Sales representative and product knowledge to PCSO's technical knowledge, PCI has it all. Your company has provided more than just products, it provides solutions even when HP can not.

I've been a HP customer since 1981 as well and HP owes PCI a debt of gratitude for your fine work. I have worked for many companies as engineer and

management and PCI always has served my needs.

Since starting my relationship with PCI in the early 1990's I have never been disappointed. I have also worked as a HP reseller in direct competition with PCI and PCI treated me like an old friend. As a reseller I tried to model PCI because there was no finer model for the business. Again thanks for the many years of fine service and I look forward to many more.


"Honesty and integrity are hard to find, but everyone at PCI is overflowing with it."

Tracy A. Staats
Systems Monitoring Superviso

Big Lots, Inc.
Co-Leader and Co-Founder Ohio Chapter OpenView Forum